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We provide professional services for
Land Owners and Developers, as well as
Legal Council and Land Title Associations.

Great Lakes Surveying offers a wide range of professional Land and Hydrographic Surveying Services throughout the state of Michigan.

Land Surveying Services provided by Great Lakes Surveying include

Mortgage Surveys
Construction Layout
Topographic Surveys
Utility and Easement Surveys
FEMA Elevation Certificates
Lot and Boundary Surveys
Structure Monitoring Surveys

Great Lakes Surveying performs Hydrographic Mapping Services utilizing GPS
and Electronic Depth Recorders.

These technologies allow for fully automated data acquisition and processing which in turn produces an efficient and accurate mapping system.

This mapping system is then used to fulfill the needs of the maritime, coastal engineering, marine construction and dredging contractors.

Great Lakes Surveying has performed Hydrographic Surveying Services ranging from large national companies and local municipalities, to individual land owners seeking contour maps of private lakes and ponds.
Some of the Hydrographic Surveying Services provided by Great Lakes Surveying are
Lake Bottom Contouring - Volume Calculations
Submerged Utility Plans - Lake Mapping - Dredging Management
Locating Navigation Hazards - Condition Maps

Great Lakes Surveying, LLC
Hessel, Michigan 49745