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Remember, in Michigan, the only person qualified to define a boundary
or establish property corners,
is a Licensed Professional Surveyor.
Great Lakes Surveying is owned by Jeffrey M. Davis, P.S. #46660, and was established in May of 2003. Great Lakes Surveying offers a wide range of professional Land and Hydrographic Surveying Services throughout the state of Michigan.

There are some important questions you should consider before selecting a Professional Surveyor.
· Is the Surveyor licensed in Michigan?
· Does the Surveyor carry Professional Liability Insurance?
· Is the Surveyor a member of their states Surveyors association or   society?
· Does the Surveyor have experience in the kind of work
  you are requesting?
· Will the Surveyor record my Certificate of Survey at the
  Register of Deeds?
When and Why about having a survey done?
Buying or selling a parcel of land  
In most instances, buying a house is the single, largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime. A Certificate of Survey is an insurance policy to protect this investment.
Adverse possession  
Michigan Law states that if someone occupies a parcel of land for 15 years, whether the person owns the land or not, they can claim title to the property.

Dividing property  
Michigan’s case law suggests that the seller should know what he or she is selling. Therefore, if discrepancies exist between what was thought to have been sold, versus what was actually sold, the courts generally rule in favor of the purchaser and not the seller.

Property improvements  
Why go to the expense of erecting a fence, landscaping or other property improvements, only to discover your neighbor owns the improvements.
Flood insurance  
An Elevation Certificate, performed by a Professional Surveyor, can determine whether or not FEMA will require you to have flood insurance.

The long and the short of it
A Certificate of Survey performed by a Professional Surveyor is physical evidence of an insurance policy.
An insurance policy that is a
one-time cost, not only for the current land owner, but for anyone else that could reasonably rely upon the Certificate of Survey,
present and future.

The Land Division Act (PA 591 of 1996) gives the local municipality (a township, village or city, for example) the authority to approve land divisions.
The first step in the land division process is to have a Certificate of Survey on the boundary of the entire parcel. The next step is to contact your local municipality and see if the proposed land division is acceptable according to their zoning. Finally, a Professional Surveyor can assist you with a Certificate of Survey which will include preparing the legal descriptions, and staking the newly created parcels. The Certificate of Survey will then be used to prepare the deeds for conveyance.

Great Lakes Surveying can help you through this process - from start to finish.

Great Lakes Surveying, LLC
Hessel, Michigan 49745